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Kirasa P

KIRASA-P armoured vest of outer wear is intended for personnel of intelligence sub-divisions and forces of special assignment.

Soft armour: ballistic fabric with moisture resistant impregnation.

Reinforcing panels: special armour steel, ceramics. Front and back of the vest are connected on the shoulders with the help of straps with quick buckle, sides are connected by wide waist-belt, which can be used for hanging cartridge pouches for ammunition. Shock-absorbers provide ventilation undervest. Removable groin protector, it can be raised and put on the vest.

Nylon carry bag for transportation.

Upon customer request:
  • soft armour area can be increased or decreased;
  • fabric type and carrier colour.
Size Chest, cm Heigh, cm
L 96-104 up to 176
XL 104-112 176-182
XXL 112-120 over 182
Basic model specifications
Standard of compliance Vest model protection class Protective properties of soft armour Vest mass, kg accord ing to the sizes
threat trauma, mm L XL XXL
GOST P 50744-95 Russia I Pistol MM 9x18 mm (Fe)
5,9 g V=315mps
not more than the 11 degree of contusion 2,8 2,9 3,1
NIJ 0101.04
II-A 357 Magnum JSP
10, 2 g V=381mps
9 mm FMJ 8,0 g V=332 mps


3,0 3,1 3,2
II 357 Magnum JSP
10, 2 g V=425 mps
9 mm FMJ 8,0 g V=358 mps
44 3,1 3,2 3,3
Special pockets for reinforcing armour panels can be provided in the carrier's design in order to increase armoured vest protection .
Complete variants of Kirasa armoured vest by reinforcing armour panels
Armoured vest sizes
chest back chest back chest back
K - K - K -

Reinforsing armour panel's specification.