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Unload vest GR-1

Unload vest produces by basis better national analogous and it's ensures rapid and easy access to wearing eqipment.

May be used as well as autonomily and in complete with other special equipment.

Produced of cotton coloured or special camouflage fabrics with increased stability and wearing with water-proof properties.

Jacket produced one size with possibility of regulation by figure by special straps or Velkro piling fasteners.

Jacket received high valuing from OМОN fighters, SOBR and other subdivisions by tests in conditions of fighting actions.

1.Inner docemnt pocket 8.Mashine-gun magazines
2.Manacles 9.Flask
3.Grenada 10.Transceiver
4.Pistol magazine 11.Common using pocket
5.Inner pistol pocket 12. Individual bandaging packet
6.Fastening place for transceiver 13.Individual first-aid kit
7.Electric torch