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Unload vest GR-2

Unload vest produced on the base of better national analogous and secure quicking and easy access to bearing equipment.

May be used both as an autonomy and by set together with other special equipment.

Produces of coloured or special camouflage fabrics with increasing stability and wearing stability with water-proof property.

Vest produces one size with adjusting possibility on man figure by help special belts and buckles.

By customer demand on the vest is places different special pockets. It May be in addition to complete with haversack for dry ration and different skiing outfit.

Pocket functions
1.Individual bandaging material 8.Inner pocket for pistol
2.Individual first-aid kit 9.Magazine by mashine-gun
3.Inner document pocket 10.Electric torch
4.Pistol clip 11.Knife
5.Grenada 12.Waterproof or gas-mask
6.Aerosol ballon 13.Smoke granade
7.Transceiver 14Haversack for dry ration