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Kirasa - BOP Structural Fire Fighting Protective Garment

      KIRASA structural fire fighting garment is reliable protective clothes consisting of coat, trousers with back and hood. KIRASA - BOP is made of heat - resistant aramid materials.

      The garment can be used with different fire-fighting equipment: belt, portable breathing apparatus, men's of intercommunication and other equipment.

The garment is made with light-reflecting stripes. Type A is intended for the officers. Type B for the ranks. Also the garment protects against harmful factors during extinguishing fire, liquidation of accidents, high temperatures when contacting with flame and heated objects, sparks, and also it raises protection against mechanical injuries and bad weather conditions (frost, rain, wind, etc.)

Resistance to severe flames, sec, not less than 15
Termal conductivity, w/m C, not less than 0.06
Resistance when contacting with hated up to 400 Cobjects, sec, not less than 300
Resistance to temperature of environment up to 300 C, sec, not less than 5
Resistance to the thermal flow
5.00 KW/M, sec, not less than 240
40.00 KW/M, sec, not less than 5
Oxygen index, %, not less than 28
Tensile strenght
Warp, N, not less than 1000
Welt, N, not less than 800
Shrinkage after wet conditioning and drying, %, not more than 2.5
Shrinkage after heating, %, not more than 5
Weight, kg(depending on size) 3.2-4.0