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Special rescue clotches (SRC)

It intends for equipment to personnel of search rescuing subdivisions and Russian MChS services by execution of rescue works by obstructions, fires, increased and decreased temperatures, oil spillings and chemical agressive fluids, explosive dangerous concentrations different gases and by other extraordinary situations.

Clotches produces of Terlon, Nomex thermostable materials, which have increased strenght properties. SRC have small weight, it`scomfortable and easy by exploatation, well cleans from soilings by help any detergents.

Produces in 2 types :

1 type - summer overall;
2 type - winterizing overall;

By clotches disign used cubital,knee booster elements and light reflekting bands, which allows to find a rescuer in dark and smoky patch (or into a building).

It have different size types. By a demand customer clotches disign may be changed in conformity with customer demands.