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Statistical analysis of casualties among personnel during operations in modern conditions shown that more than 75% of them are caused by ballistic wounds, and up to 80 % of these are caused by impact of shell, mine and grenade fragments; more than half of these wounds fall at upper and lower extremities. These facts irrefutably prove that the soldier equipped with conventional body armor and helmet only is protected insufficiently. Specialists of "Kirasa" JSC designed modern Combat Protective Complete Set for elite special units of Russian Army. This equipment for the soldier of the 21st century is produced from Aramid materials and provides all-round ballistic protection of at least 80 % of the body from low-speed fragments, as well as protection from short-term exposure to naked flame. The basis of the complete set (depending on the version) is either overalls or protective jacket and trousers. Soldier's torso is protected more securely with light fragmentation protective vest; to protect soldier's vital organs from rifle bullets, the vest is reinforced with Removable Ballistic Plate (steel or ceramic). Other elements of ballistic protection included in the complete set are helmet and protective mask. Universal Combat Harness Unite provides convenient placement of ammunition and equipment. Scrupulous ergonomic development of the complete set construction and use of special underwear provides comfort even during operations in hot climate and high humidity.


Combat Protective Complete Set is used as the basis of Sniper's Protective-and-Camouflage Complete Set, which additionally includes camouflage elements: set of camouflage cloaks, camouflage mask, camouflage tape for the rifle, etc.

Sniper's Protective-and-Camouflage Complete Set

Sniper's Protective-and-Camouflage Complete Set