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HARPOON automatic portable road blocker for an urgent forced stopping of motor vehicles

Harpoon road blocker is a closed box-shaped container with barrier of hollow cored removable thorns which is shot (ejected) across the road. It is intended for an urgent forced stopping of motor vehicles with pneumatics tyres. Barrier is folded inside the container.

Source of energy is an industrial cartridge D-3 which is used in building for ramming dowels.

       Road blocker of durable usage should be operated by one operator. Barrier with thorns could be mountable by hand. It is patented, there is now analogues in the world.
Barrier thorns which are detached from the tape and stay in the tyre and stay in the provide letting out of air from the tyre up to 50 mm. Thick even with special hermetic. Possible types of road covering: concrete, asphalt, soil, grass, snow and ice crust.

       Thanks to the design road blocker could be continually in the open air perfectly ready to the immediate starting.

      The road blocker starting could be produced:
- models 7 and 9 - by cord (up to 25 m in length);
- models 7K and 9K - by cable of 12 v power supply of direct current
- models 7P and 9P - by code of radio command at distance of 40 m in radius from the road blocker;

       For K and P models volley of several road blockers is possible, start duplicating can be produced by extension cord.

       Special design and manner of road blocker operating allow to regulate road blockade by the barrier from 50% to the maximum.

Reloading time - 2 minutes.

       HARPOON road blockers are added to the ministry of Internal Affairs armoury.
model 7
model 9
Dimensions, m
Mass (no more than), kg
Working part (barrier with thorns) length, m
Ejection range according to first thorn, m
to 9,1
to 10,5
Adjacent thorns spacing, m